Our Family's Promise

Our business is built on love, helping people, and leaving the universe better than we found it. We are grateful for the opportunity to share high-quality products with our community. Luna Hanwi single essential oils are 100% pure, and our blends are clearly indicated. We do not carry synthetic perfumes or fragrances. The oils we share with you are the oils we use in our own homes.

We source organic and wildcrafted products when possible, but many of our oils come from indigenous locations in countries that do not have independent certification bodies. Ultimately, quality established through scientific testing drives our sourcing decisions. Our supplier closely evaluates the chemical profile of each oil based on its gas chromatography/mass spectrography (GC/MS) report. GC/MS testing identifies an oil’s organic components. Soil, climate conditions, and contaminants can impact the chemical composition and be revealed on the GC/MS report.

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