Create a Sacred Space Essential Oil Diffuser

Create a Sacred Space Essential Oil Diffuser

Looking for a quick way to enhance your home's sensory experience?  Engage your sense of smell with an essential oil evaporation diffuser!

This DIY recipe can be achieved with 2 ingredients and 3 easy steps.


5 tablespoons Himalayan rock salt

50 drops essential oils*

* We used 7th Chakra Essential Oil Blend (Crown), which contains frankincense, mandarin orange, and ho wood.


  1. Place Himalayan salt in a small glass or ceramic container with a lid.  It is easier to evenly distribute the oil if the salt creates an approximately 1/2-inch layer on the bottom of the container.
  2. Add essential oils across the salt's surface.
  3. Cover with the lid, and shake for 1 minute.

Open and enjoy!

The amount of essential oil can vary based on the room's size and how you plan to use it. You can also transfer the salt to a decorative container.

We enjoy using this ceramic tea container as our essential oil diffuser. It can be closed, slightly ajar, or completely open to allow increasing amounts of fragrance.

Please note, this is not intended to be medical treatment, and the salt cannot be ingested. Please keep away from children or others who may confuse the diffuser with candy.

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